The Tips that Will Make You a Poker Pro


Poker players have unique styles of playing the game. Some choose to be aggressive from the start, while some never risk even a single game sportsbook Malaysia unless they are highly sure about bluffing. The players 996mmc online casino decide their own strategy for every poker game they play at the tournaments while in casual games, they just follow the basic strategy of poker. These are the tips that will help you become a professional poker player from a casual gambler.

Think long term

You should have a long term strategy for every poker game that you play, rather than changing your strategy in every hand. The pros always think of winning the final pot rather than worrying about losing a current hand. It makes them fold their cards at the river at high stakes, but it does not bother them as they have plans to get more back later.

Think long ranges

Another thing that is different in the pro players is that they think in long ranges when they guess their opponent’s cards. Pros know that the other player can come up with different hands such as flush, top pair, ace high, or even a complete bluff, while the beginners try to guess the exact cards. Nobody has a specific hand in poker; they only have ranges. They can show up with any hands in varying degrees.


Ditch your favourite hand

Sometimes as a pro, you will need to ditch your favourite hand. Many players feel lucky when they get particular pocket card combos. No matter how good you feel about hands, sometimes you will need to compromise on them. Even the players with pocket aces will need to ditch their hand at times when against someone with a flush.

Never play without a reason

Whether you fold, call, or raise, you need to have a reason to do so. Never play blinds in poker and never make a play without reason. If you are bored of thinking before playing a hand, it is better for you to take a break rather than making any unplanned moves. Do not play just because you feel like it. Poker is a calculated game, and if you are bored does not mean your opponent is also lousy.

Avoid tilt at all cost

Tilt has destroyed many careers in poker as the players lost control over their strategies and money just because they could not take it anymore. What could they have done better is to leave the game and play when they are normal again. Tilt can happen during a losing streak or after being provoked by an opponent when you cannot make any better decisions on folding or playing as your brain is occupied with frustration and urge to win. Make sure you have a clear head while playing the games or else take a break.


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